Supreme Rarities:Motown Lost & Found - Diana Ross and the The Supremes


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Diana Ross and the The Supremes
Supreme Rarities:Motown Lost & Found
Third Man
Funk / Soul / Rare Groove
LP 4x
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4LP Vinyl Box Set! As the hometown girls who conquered the world, Diana Ross and the Supremes are inarguably the most successful, highest selling girl group of all time. From their inauspicious start as the long-forgotten Primettes, to their ascension past the moniker of ''no-hit Supremes'' through the ranks of Motown's rank-and-file to globe-trotting superstars, this group is as pure and quintessential Detroit Motor City as you can get. Originally released on 2xCD in in 2008, the Supremes ''Supreme Rarities'' from the Motown Lost & Found Series collects from the depths of the label archives to showcase the rarities, the outtakes and the incomparable live recordings from this inimitable group of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees. Listen to the story unfold from the innocent teenaged doo-wop of ''You Can Depend On Me'' from 1960 all the way through the slick, socially-conscious refinement of ''I'm Livin' in Shame'' from 1969. Aside from a handful of forgotten vinyl releases decades ago, the majority of this material has not been released on vinyl. Until now. Third Man, in a unique partnership with Universal Music, has taken this double-CD and turned it into a glorious 4xLP collection housed in an impeccably-designed slipcase, all watercolor pastel vibrant photos highlight how absolutely impeccable this group is. Of particular interest is that ''Supreme Rarities'' are the first Motown records EVER pressed in the city of Detroit. Diana Ross attended high school at Cass Tech, a mere mile away from Third Man Pressing where this title was lovingly pressed, which is also just a mile away from the Brewster-Douglass Housing Projects where Ross and fellow Supremes Mary Wilson and Florence Ballard all grew up. The 48 tracks included here include the earliest Primettes tracks, invigorating covers of The Rolling Stones ''Satisfaction'' and the Beatles ''I Saw Her Standing There'', along with renditions of hits for OTHER Motown artists...


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